BLACK GOLD! My Obsession With A Campy Datsun Z Commercial Reaches A New High (Low?)

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Datsun 10th Anniversary 280ZX Black Gold - YouTube

It’s no secret that I am a MASSIVE Datsun Z fanatic. I grew up surrounded by all things Z. Hell, I even came home from the hospital in a Z.

Perhaps that explains why I’m so consumed with this commercial that was released when I was still in diapers.

I wrote about the car (and the commercial) three years ago at TTAC.

I even had this Black Gold LJN “Computer Command 255” 280ZX toy car as a kid – it still holds a place of pride above my desk:


Last year, I submitted a “design idea” to Blipshift, the internet car t-shirt depository and financial black hole for car people, revolving around the lovely BLACK GOLD commercial and limited-edition Z.

Today, it’s available!


Head to Blipshift and buy a dozen!

FYI, I don’t get a commisson from the sale of the shirt – I do get a free shirt, and a credit toward more shirts…but I know that everyone needs BLACK GOLD in their lives.

Oh, and more about my Z obsession soon.

[Image credits: Lead – screenshot from Youtube; Toy – © 2017 Chris Tonn, Shirt –]

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