“This Job Would Be Great If It Weren’t For The F*****g Customers”

Apologies to Randal and the entire ViewAskewniverse for the headline.

Working retail, in short, sucks. But so does shopping.

I feel for retail employees, because I was there. I spent the worst part of seven years behind some sort of counter, selling. I had good times, too – I met my wife while we worked at the same store.

Sadly, she had some sort of Stockholm syndrome, and she only got out this winter after 19 years – they had to lay her off (Google “Sears Death Spiral” for over four thousand reasons why) to get her out of the store.

Anyhow, we’ve both seen the worst of humanity, and the worst of inane company policies that make us long for the day that our former colleagues get replaced by robots.

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Youth Sports Would Be Better If Parents Weren’t Involved


Those of us who recall reading comics in the newspaper – yes, the dead-tree blog only updated once a day, which is still more frequent than this particular outlet – certainly remember Peanuts. I never called it Peanuts, of course – it was alternatively “Charlie Brown” or “Snoopy,” depending on that day’s protagonist.

Anyhow, you’ll certainly remember that adults were never a focus of Peanuts. I don’t recall parents ever being featured in print, other than the occasional drawing of adult legs in the fringes. In the various animated films, grownups were reduced to a muted horn.

In sports, Charlie Brown – the unloved lovable loser – was the coach. And while he and his team always lost, he led his team without the guidance of a helicopter parent.

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Sorry, Fans Of Wars Between Stars

May The Fourth

[Original image: John Filo]

A long time ago, in a state university not all that far away, an unchecked government went beyond all reasonable manner of maintaining peace, and created a hit song for Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

I’m no fan of the Star Wars franchise. I’m sure they’re good films, but as one friend put it succinctly, I struggle to suspend disbelief. Yet there are plenty of folks obsessed with it, and thus a pun based on today’s date has become a yearly meme and hashtag.

Ok, fine. But please recall the four peaceful protesters at a small college in Northeastern Ohio who died on this date 47 years ago – four young people who never got to see Carrie Fisher in a bikini.

Because when we don’t remember our past, we end up slaughtering the memory of those who came before us with shameful “jokes” like this from a crappy retailer:


I’ve been busy

2018 Volkswagen Atlas in water

Been driving a bunch of cars, so this place has been on the back burner. Hoping to improve it, though…

So, what have I written lately?

I covered a bit of the New York International Auto Show from the comfort of Ohio:

Rogue Dogue

Lexus LS500 F Sport

And I’ve reviewed a few cars:

Lexus GS 200t Review

Kia Niro Review

Mitsubishi Mirage Review

Kia Cadenza Review

And I’ve gone full autojourno with my first big automaker press trip – this time to the Texas Hill Country to sample Volkswagen’s new Atlas SUV


I wrote some things over the last few months, I promise


dsc_0853-dngAnd yet, I neglect this site. Insert excuse here. Maybe I can blame Lightroom, which destroyed some photos like the one above.

That, or I can blame a mouse, who conspired with my beloved offspring to force me to spend ungodly amounts of money to visit a swamp


So..I’ve driven some cars, I’ve written about others..and covered a couple of auto shows. It’s been … busy.

And there is more to come, I promise. BIG project coming very soon, I hope.

Besides my daily writing duties at CarOfTheDay.com, everything I’ve published has been at The Truth About Cars:

Car Reviews:

Lexus IS200t, Lexus RC F, VW Golf SportWagen 4Motion, Chrysler Pacifica Touring-L, Nissan Rogue

Auto Show Coverage:

Detroit – NAIAS 2017:

2018 Honda Odyssey revealed, 2018 Kia Stinger revealed

Chicago – CAS 2017:

Nissan Titan King Cab, Chrysler/BraunAbility Pacifica

Super Bowl Commercials

Pre-Game, Live Updates

Questions Of The Day

Favorite Auto Commercial?  Worst Shadetree Mechanic Mishap? Fun Car Under $5k? The Family Car of Your Youth? Best Unrealized Concept Car? Forbidden Classics? What Car Would You Buy For Your Kid? What Dead Model Would You Resurrect?

Across The Block

Mecum KC, RM Sothebys Milan, Mecum Anaheim, Carlisle Lakeland, Mecum Dallas


Australian Formula Vee!



It’s FRIDAY!!!! Monthly Round-Up Time!


I was hoping to update this weekly..yeah, so much for that.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a few new cars from Nissan, Volkswagen, and Infiniti..and more are coming.

Of course, I’ve been pounding out posts for Car Of The Day every day, too.

And a few more posts at US News have been published, as well.

Of course, school is in session, so I’ve been driving the dad taxi everywhere for sports.

Here’s what I’ve published recently:

Cheap, Fun Used Cars

What Makes A Luxury Car

What You Get In A New $20k Car

Eight Safety Features You Shouldn’t Skip

2017 Nissan Pathfinder–Review

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune–Review

2016 Infiniti Q50 2.0t AWD–Review

Oh, and for that lead photo…my girls decided to get greasy and help do a brake job on the trusty Town & Country. I couldn’t be more proud.

Catching up


It has been a busy summer, between kids’ sports, involuntary stints as an unpaid high-level shadetree mechanic (see above), and weekend trips.

Oh, yeah, and writing. Lots of writing.

I’ve neglected to mention on these pages my newest literary endeavor:


where we cover several interesting cars for sale, six days a week. I’m the Large Editor at Large – a title I’ve been stewing on since I was a kid and found out that my hero in the world of auto writing, Peter Egan of Road & Track, was an Editor at Large. I’m doing a good bit of writing there, too.

Beyond COTD.com, I’ve written a few pieces for TTAC since I last haunted these digital pages:

Digestible Collectible: 1989 Ford Sierra Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth

How Decision 2016 Will Affect the Auto Industry

Ohio Ford Dealer, Selling 727HP Roush Mustangs for $39,995, Tells Hellcat to Step Outside

Was Your Focus RS Order Cancelled? Buy This Cool-Looking Ford Instead

2016 Rio Olympics: The Cars of Brazil

It’s Been A Good Run: Nissan Tsuru Production Likely To End Soon

Government Surplus Auctions Can Yield Amazing Treasures

Furthermore, I’ve written several pieces for the US News Best Cars blog:

The Difference Between Autonomous Braking and Anti-Lock Brakes

Everything You Should Know About the Nissan GT-R

Eight Reincarnated Cars

Unexpected Everyday Exotics

Best Off-Road SUVs

Certified Pre-Owned Hondas

The History of the Ford Mustang

8 So-Called Foreign Cars Built in the US

So, clearly I’ve been busy. But wait, there’s more! I’ll have some new features coming in the next few weeks – I’m excited to share in some new adventures. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for current happenings – since I clearly can’t be bothered to keep this updated…


It’s been a while…

But I’m back, in limited doses.

You see, I’ve recently started a new day job, which has led to a good deal of travel while I get rolling. This has made it challenging to write much of anything. However, I’ve been writing behind the scenes…and stuff is starting to see the light of day.

Monday marked my return to the pages of TTAC, with a brief look at a high-powered bargain Mustang. A brief ~250 word article became one of my most-viewed pieces ever on the site. Several other sites picked up on the deal, as well, as it was originally posted on Reddit.

On Wednesday, as I was working in Tennessee for the day (long story for another time) a new piece on high-tech braking technologies was published at a new-to-me site. I’ve been writing several pieces for US News and World Report lately, but this was the first (of many) to hit the web.

Thanks to all who have supported me through my transition to a new employer. Oh, and stay tuned. I have another project that should be breaking cover soon that I’m sure will turn some heads.

One Year of the Truth


One year ago today, I published my first article at The Truth About Cars. It’s been a long, fun ride, with 140 pieces published to date.

Thanks to all of my colleagues and editors who have made this possible. Looking forward to many more years.