I’m Chris Tonn, a freelance writer and photographer. I focus (sorry) on the auto industry, general history, home improvement, and the tech industry.

I review new cars. I photograph old cars. I discuss the history behind significant cars from our past.

Further, I’m fascinated with history – especially in relating how that history affects our lives today. I’ve recently taken a dive into a pioneering cable TV system from the Carter era that foreshadowed the 2016 Cambridge Analytica scandal, for Tedium.co.

I’m a lifelong classic sports car enthusiast, as I was driven home from the hospital in my father’s Datsun 260Z. I think it still had the awful flat-top carburetors, but as I was three days old at the time, I can’t be certain. I grew up around sports cars from Datsun and MG, but will happily lust over cars from any country and manufacturer. An Iranian-built Peugeot is near the top of my must-own list. 

My current garage includes my nearly-ancient Miata, recently revived from almost a decade masquerading as a shelf, and a newer Jeep Wrangler.

I’m always looking for new writing opportunities. Please get in touch via Twitter DM, or fill out the form below. Thanks.