Sorry, Fans Of Wars Between Stars

May The Fourth

[Original image: John Filo]

A long time ago, in a state university not all that far away, an unchecked government went beyond all reasonable manner of maintaining peace, and created a hit song for Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

I’m no fan of the Star Wars franchise. I’m sure they’re good films, but as one friend put it succinctly, I struggle to suspend disbelief. Yet there are plenty of folks obsessed with it, and thus a pun based on today’s date has become a yearly meme and hashtag.

Ok, fine. But please recall the four peaceful protesters at a small college in Northeastern Ohio who died on this date 47 years ago – four young people who never got to see Carrie Fisher in a bikini.

Because when we don’t remember our past, we end up slaughtering the memory of those who came before us with shameful “jokes” like this from a crappy retailer:


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