Two Months Without Soda/Pop


I’ve never been a New Year’s Resolution person..perhaps I was just so good that I needed no improvement. Or I was overwhelmed with decision paralysis, unable to choose which of my many faults needed correction first.

Anyhow, I’ve been keenly aware that I’ve been drinking too much pop. Sitting at a restaurant, I’d require two or three refills before the salad arrived. A not-inconsequential proportion of my income went to the convenience store, 20 ounces at a time.

So I stopped.

Since the new year, I’ve not consumed a single drop of soda, diet or otherwise. I’ve restrained myself to water, iced tea (usually unsweetened) and coffee. Rough estimates: I’ve eliminated at least a thousand liquid calories from my daily consumption.

The picture above tells the story. I’ve not been under 260 for at least twenty least since I’ve had a driver’s license.

The struggle is real. I mean not to minimize the pain of those who suffer from addiction to harder drugs, but I can certainly understand the withdrawal symptoms now that I’m free from Coke.

I hope that I have the willpower to remain free of pop. The temptation is everywhere…

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