I’m Chris Tonn, an Ohio-based freelance writer, primarily focusing on automotive topics.

You can find me at The Truth About Cars, where I cover a broad variety of automotive topics. You can find all of my posts at this link.

Further, I’m working on a book of auto racing history – specifically focused on the great Mark Donohue, and his days racing in the Trans-Am series for Roger Penske.

I’ve been mashing keyboards for money for the past six years. I started out by finding great classic cars for Bring A Trailer. Later, I helped launch the now-defunct classic car site Car of The Day as the editor-at-large. I’ve also covered a variety of automotive topics for US News and World Report.

I’m a lifelong classic sports car enthusiast, as I was driven home from the hospital in my father’s Datsun 260Z. I think it still had the awful flat-top carburetors, but as I was three days old at the time, I can’t be certain. I grew up around sports cars from Datsun and MG, but will happily lust over cars from any country and manufacturer. An Iranian-built Peugeot is near the top of my must-own list.  As a father of two girls, I drive a newer Chrysler minivan – though something with a big block and Di-Noc would be a perfect replacement – and use a rusty old Miata as a shelf, waiting for the day that it can be uncovered as a priceless barn find.

I’m always looking for new writing opportunities. Please get in touch via Twitter DM, or fill out the form below. Thanks.



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